How to Get Rid of Warts – Skin Tips

A virus called papillomavirus or HPV causes  warts, also called condylomata acuminata or venereal warts, treatments herbal would.The warts are not the same as a general skin wart. Emerge as raised masses that resemble cauliflower. The Warts pass from one person to another .People with low immunity, such as AIDS, cancer, organ transplantation, are also susceptible to  warts, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Before using a protocol to herbal treatment, it is best to get an examination by your doctor.


Home Made Medicine suggests applying the fresh aloe juice to dissolve condyloma acuminata and soothe the skin. According to the site, aloe vera is a natural remedy to treat the virus. It is a plant that grows easily, so you can apply the gel leaves on the warts on a daily basis. In general, when effective, the treatment will take two to three months to eliminate the problem.You can buy wartrol here.

 Chewed  cashew nuts

If you have lingering warts which are already years-old, apply chewed cashew nuts on them.Do this for two days and see what happens.

Crushed banana peels

If you have plantar warts or warts on the feet, grind a raw banana peel and then rub the pulp on the feet.Again, to prevent foreign things from ruining the effectiveness of this remedy, cover the spot with a clean cloth or band-aid. Remove only when you're taking a shower.Apply this remedy for a minimum of 2 months and assess how well you're progressing.


Herbal treatment of  warts with a solution of cedar and tea tree oils can help soothe and dismantle. The area is the thinning of oils in a solution of pure vegetable oil or castor oil with 800 units of vitamin E added. Load the solution on a cotton swab and apply to the area several times a day.You can navigate here to get more info on wartrol.

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